Best Ways to Work on While Traveling Anywhere in the World

Traveling for a long season and also financing your stay is a dream for many. However, it is not a crazy idea and with a little predisposition and ingenuity we can find a job during our trip that will allow us to endure the capital collapse of our bank account.

There are a multitude of jobs that do not require a special work visa and can help you finance your long journey around the world. Incidentally, it is a great way to get to know a city more deeply. Taking root also allows you to meet many expats and lead a busy social life away from home.

Anyway, you can always make your own route and find some other possibility either by preparing the terrain before the trip or looking for it in the destination terrain.

Freelance writer

Contact a network of blogs, travel portal or travel guide that pays for a published article and we will tell you about our travel experience or tips on how to travel through the cybers that we find along the way. You will be surprised that the demand is high; especially for the quality of writing from the same place where you travel, something that is rather rare online.

Work as a language teacher

If you have a good level of English you can work as a teacher. In Asia it is a very common practice. Both in Bangkok and in Kunming , China, I found quite a few travelers who had had a good season settled in the place. The competition is tough since they prefer natives especially to those with a Yankee accent and if possible a teacher’s degree. In any case, with a good second-language English you can get a job although they tend to offer a lower salary.

Contact the Instituto Cervantes

Take a look at the huge list of centers that the Instituto Cervantes has around the world . If you have a degree in philology or a Spanish teacher certificate it will help you. However, without it, depending on the place, they may hire some conversation classes.


Stroll through the country’s language schools, colleges, institutes or universities and sell yourself as a language teacher or the specialty in which you stand out to make private lessons with students.

Work in the hostels

You can ask the hostels if they need any help. I have met a few travelers who stayed a few weeks in the same hostel sleeping free in exchange for washing clothes or cleaning dishes.

The classic waiter

Working as a waiter in a bar or restaurant is standard practice. In countries such as Australia, those from the United Kingdom, Ireland or other countries with work visa facilities will have preference. However, it is likely that you will get some job behind the bar without the need for a visa in many countries around the world.

Offer yourself as a translator

If you are fluent in the local language, see if the menus and other documents facing the client are properly translated. Offer yourself in exchange for money, food or bed in restaurants and hotels to prepare a worthy translation at your level.

Accompanying travel guide

Before undertaking the trip, offer yourself in specialized travel agencies in remote destinations the possibility of working for them as a local guide companion . In some agencies they are interested in checking that the local guides follow the marked itineraries by the finger and you will help translations if you are fluent in the local language or English.

Diving, ski or similar instructor

If you are passionate about a specific sport such as scuba diving , surfing , canyoning , mountain skiing or any other sports activity that is always in demand among tourists, you can always do it and also in some idyllic enclaves where to plant your backpack and stay a good season.

Obviously it is necessary that you get the title of instructor of the sport in which you want to specialize and carry out an analysis where there is a demand for employment. Mastering a few languages ​​will always help you to position yourself well for the position.


Knock on the door of an NGO when you are in the destination country and try your luck. In some places they will offer you food and bed for a season as long as you can contribute something of value. On many occasions, NGOs ignore requests from a distance. On the other hand, if you are there and talk face to face, you tell them about your plans in the country and you will have many more points so that they trust your possibilities.

Intermediary agent

If you dominate any product sector or market, offer to companies in your own country as an intermediary agent to conduct business interviews with local companies in the places you mark on your travel route.

Video or report editor

If you have good experience in video production and knowledge in photography, you can make good quality videos of your trip or even interviews on the street and then use them for profit.

For now these are all the tips that I have seen traveling or I can think of that can, without a doubt, finance your trip in a good way and in the process lengthen the travel experience much more.

And that’s not all, in Viajablog we have also talked about other travel experiences where alternating adventure with work.

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