Top 7 Most Expensive Hotel Rooms in World with Per Night Price

When money is not the main factor when looking for accommodation, we open the doors to the most expensive hotel rooms in the world

Right now all of Spain, and the population of many other countries in the world, is confined to their homes by the bloody Coronavirus and the State of Alarm decreed to stop its spread. But being locked up at home would certainly be much easier if the pandemic catches you in one of the most expensive hotel rooms in the world .

Not my case, and probably not yours, but when the last thing you look at when traveling is the budget , you can stay in hotel suites that are true palaces or that are located in places that take your breath away.

Why does a room cost more than € 10,000 per night? Customers who are willing to pay that amount, or even ten times more, do not do it because they can (which too), but because they are looking for one of these things:


The building in which they stay must be central, and that in any part of the world always has a cost, or have a situation that offers views that are unrivaled.


The hotel has to be a value in itself, due to its age, prestige or design, and to it is added the added value of the room, with a decoration and details that are much more than up to the standard.


Who can pay a room of € 10,000 or € 30,000 a night seeks privacy, intimacy and tranquility, especially if they are an artist (actor, singer) or a public figure.


Feeling at home, or very close to it, for someone who has an income commensurate with the price of the most expensive hotel rooms in the world, means accessing exclusive services, from chefs and private butlers to transfers by limousine or Rolls Royce, going through having guest rooms or rooms for private dining.

Let’s dream for a moment that our budget allows it and let’s take a look at what it would cost us to spend a night in the most expensive hotel rooms in the world .

I have imagined that on October 12, Columbus Day and a holiday in Spain, I have the possibility of staying with my girl in one of these 12 hotels, how much would the most expensive room cost us? From low to high, these are, for two occupants, the prices of the 12 most expensive hotel rooms in the world .

Burj Al Arab Jumeirah, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Characteristics: Private elevator, cinema, library, credit of € 1000 for products and services of the Burj Al Arab, private butler with separate access and kitchen, Jacuzzi, guest room on the lower floor of the two that compose it, in 780m2 of extension .

Price per night: € 12,882.31 (includes 10% service tax, 7% municipal tax and 5% VAT; does not include € 5.06 Tourist Tax).

Royal Mansour, Marrakech, Morocco

Characteristics: Private mansion (riad) spread over 1,800m2 and three floors with its four bedrooms with dressing room, four bathrooms, a Bedouin tent on the roof, where there is also a swimming pool and a dining room.

Price per night: apx € 30,000 (including taxes and fees)

The Plaza, New York, United States

Characteristics: The Plaza Hotel Royal Suite is inspired by the court of Louis XV and consists of a three-bedroom suite accessible by private elevator, overlooking 5th Avenue and the Pulitzer Fountain, with a piano, kitchen, library and living room. exercises in up to 418 m2,

Price per night: € 33,000 (including New York State, New York City taxes and the New York Employment Rate)

Hôtel Martinez, Cannes, France

Characteristics: Located on the top floor, the suite (which is a combination of two “conventional” suites), overlooking the Bay of Cannes, the private beach (the largest in Cannes) of this almost centennial art deco hotel and the riverside Avenida de la Croisette, has 1000m2 of which half are occupied by its privileged terrace.

Price per night: € 38,000

Four Seasons Hotel New York, New York, United States

Characteristics: On the 52nd floor of the Four Seasons Hotel, luxury and views come together in a 400m2 room from which the city can be seen in 360º thanks to four exterior terraces, while inside we find a private elevator access to a suite of rooms including a glass chandelier, a piano, four bookshelves from ceiling to floor or, in the bedroom, a Swedish hand-made mattress on a Thai silk bed under a 7.6m high ceiling.

Price per night: € 46,000 approximately (includes the use of a Rolls Royce with driver during the stay)

Hotel President Wilson, Geneva, Switzerland

Characteristics: The largest suite in Europe, with 1,800 m2, occupies the entire top floor (the eighth) of the hotel, offering panoramic views of Lake Geneva and the Swiss Alps, a Bang & Olufsen 103 ”television, several lounges, a piano, a pool table, a gym, two dining rooms, twelve bedrooms with a private guest bathroom, two master bedrooms with a Jacuzzi, a private elevator to reach it, and bulletproof windows.

Price per night: € 75,000

The Palms Casino Resort, Las Vegas, Nevada, United States

Characteristics: In the central tower, where the suites and luxury villas are located, of a set of three towers is the most exclusive of the six unique Sky Villas. The Empathy Suite, spread across two floors, is a true art gallery designed by Damien Hirst and includes a personal butler, $ 10,000 in casino credit, a private tour of the hotel artwork, can host up to 52 guests, a bar curved bar with 13 stools, a terrace with a pool overlooking Las Vegas Boulevard, a gym, massage chairs or an abundance of large windows to enjoy the views of Las Vegas from almost any point of the 836m2 it occupies.

Price per night: € 93,000 per night (minimum stay of two nights)

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